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As soon as a child can hold a pen, crayon or brush they will start making random marks, dots and lines on any surface: on floors, walls and even your fridge if you don't keep an eye out!

They have no or very little concern for the appearance of the drawing/ scribble. It is purely imaginative and kinaesthetic, which means they do it because it gives them the ability to move their arms around freely.

Some children may start naming their drawings, "this is a crocodile" or "this is a dog." You will realize that they are beginning to think in terms of pictures but their skillset to draw the pictures are not there yet.

New Session starts September 19, 2023
12 weeks - 30 minute classes
Tuesdays 11:00
Cost: $150

At this age, a caregiver will be required to participate with the Petit Picasso student.

The role of the caregiver is to assist, encourage independence and allow exploration.

Petit Picassos will need to bring:

  • a non-messy snack

  • sometimes we need some recycling items such as tubes, bottles, etc. but we'll let you know ahead of time!

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