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Let's get creative!

 Our studio is a place for everyone of all ages to grow and express themselves through art.

Our main focus is on the process, rather than the product or performance.


When my children participate in Dione's programs, I know that they have a safe and secure environment to thrive creatively.

Natasha L., mom


Mme Dione always encourages me in my projects. I never feel judged and she let's me play with my imagination.

Samuel, age 9


My children have been involved in Dione's classes in music, art, special events and camps over the years.  Our family treasures every moment.

Julianne P, mom


  • Painting

  • Theatre

  • Drawing

  • Music

  • Crafting

  • Visual Arts

  • Pottery

  • Dance

  • Petit Picassos (2-3)

  • Mini Monets (4-6)

  • da Vinci Doodlers (7-12)

  • Mighty Michelangelos (13-17)

  • Grownup van Goghs (18+)

  • Birthdays

  • Showers

  • Summer camps

  • Private groups

  • Night Out

  • Fundraisers


Our Klubs


Our weekly classes are based on the STEAM learning method (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) offering an integrated approach to learning that develops critical thinking and encourages kids aged 2-12 to think more broadly about real-world problems with a hands-on approach.

Petit Picassos | Ages 2 - 3


These little artists are just learning how to hold a pencil, brush or crayon!  They are eager to practice their new found skills on any surface, including your walls!  The Petit Picassos program helps our youngest artists in many areas of development, but more importantly, in a FUN way!

Petit Picassos.png
Mini Monets 2.png

Mini Monets | Ages 4 - 6


In this stage, the art is typically inspired from the things children see in their environment and the colour choices are based on their emotions rather than what's logical.  We often see giant heads with stick arms and legs, with multiple colours of suns and grass! Our Mini Monets are eager to explore and learn, and we have the tools to help their imaginations soar!

da Vinci Doodlers 2.png

da Vinci Doodlers | Ages 7 - 12  


Children in this age group are starting to really demonstrate an awareness of space. Objects are placed with purpose and colours are chosen to match how they appear in life. Our da Vinci Doodlers have the opportunity to explore and create in an environment that is safe and encouraging.

Mighty Michelangelos 2.png

Mighty Michelangelos | Ages 13 - 17


Teens can come to explore arts and crafts while hanging out with friends and/or making new ones. There is absolutely no pressure and there's nothing "perfect" here. Our Mighty Michelangelos can build confidence and know that, no matter what, they (and their works of art) are accepted for who and what they are.

Grownup van Goghs 2.png

Grownup van Goghs | Ages 18+ (coming soon) 


A lot like our teen classes, adults can come to practice their skills or do something they never tried before and have fun. Letting go of inhibitions is very liberating and nourishes the soul. The point of these classes is not to strive for perfection but to simply embrace the results, whatever they are, for their creativity. 

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